About Us

Tree of Life Travels is a company that is formed to cater to the growing tourist demands, offering a better and personalised touring experience around our miraculous isle. Being bound to Tree of life chain, our main focus is promoting eco tourism together with our sister company Hotel Tree of Life – Kandy, which is specialised in eco-tourism and Ayurvedic treatments. This is our competitive edge. We offer all the travellers the best Sri Lankan Travel Guide. A traveller seeks a different location, a different environment either to gain knowledge or to completely relax oneself escaping his or her natural order of life at home. We assure both these facts are duly met, exceeding expectations. Our competitive staffs who have been to every nook and corner of the island, will drown you with fascinating information, all the while our special Ayurvedic packages offer the console that a busy body dearly needs.

Balancing both aspects, Tree of Life Travels is one of the conscious Travel Agents in Sri Lanka that wants to give more than a predictable itinerary. We are specialized in organizing Heritage tours with Ayurveda packages, and also undertake package tours to popular destinations as well as customized tours to suit the taste of individual clients.

Having our very own fleet of modern vehicles, we are geared with all the conveniences to engage in the itineraries you have chosen or designed by yourself to be a smooth encounter. Being a Tourist Board Approved tour operating body, we have been very successful in providing services to the highest satisfaction of our customers, and we will continue on to sharpen our services in presenting better holiday solutions, promoting the natural wonders the Mother Nature has bestowed upon us.

Our Family

Hotel Tree of Life; standing tall in its antique splendour it has a glorious history since its conception in the year 1900. Thereby passing the 100th mile stone, Tree Of Life recalls the glory days situated at Yahalatenna surrounded by 700 acres of Tea plantations, playing home to the British soldiers who owned the surrounding estate area as well as being the perfect hideout for Lord Mount Barren during the dark period of Second World War.

At present if a person walks into Hotel Tree of Life, they could see the place surrounded with eye catching green carpets of vegetation, glimpse of the very famous range of mountains namely Knuckles and birds of indefinable beauty singing melodies in divine sweetness.

If one wishes for a space where he/she can be at perfect ease; nothing can be compared to the comfortable space provided by Hotel Tree of Life; a classy creation among other hotels in Kandy an edifice that combines nature, health and entertainment to keep you fresh, relaxed and rejoiced.