About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the smallest Asian countries, but it has become one of the leading tourist attractions,not only because of its amazing undiscovered beaches and hundreds of miles of unspoiled golden sandy shores, but also for its wonderful historical heritage ruins and culture packed in a really small space. The wildlife of Sri Lanka is a major highlight. If you love your spices and curries then Sri Lanka is definitely a place to visit! Sri Lanka draws tourists from all over the world to our small miracle island.

Sunshine all through the year
The climate is one of the most sought after traits of Sri Lanka. As western travellers often try to seek for sunshine during the colder months, Sri Lanka is always ready with sun soaked beaches and warm breezes all throughout the year. Although the island is small, the inner parts do portray quite varied weather patterns in comparison. For instance, the misty mountains in the middle of the island are well known to locals and travellers as 'little England' for a very good reason.

Blessed by Mother Nature
Sri Lanka is one country that has been particularly favoured by Mother Nature. While sun seeking surfers stick to the coastal regions of the island, others venture inwards to indulge in the beauty of lush rainforests and to hike up the mountain trails. This small island allows many of its admirers to enjoy a vast collection of natural delights all at once. With different weather patterns come different plant and animal life that are as unique and as astounding. Sri Lanka has declared several areas as nature parks, elephant sanctuaries and wildlife reserves. From the colourful diversity of reptiles that dwell in the rainforests and proud predators that prowl the grasslands all the way to vibrant tropical sea life, the wildlife of Sri Lanka is quite a visual marvel as the scenery itself.

Lifestyle, Culture and Heritage
In a country where nature plays a major part in the tourism industry, it is no wonder that the locals live a laid back lifestyle that is very much in tune with nature. Most noted in the rural areas, the true Sri Lankan lifestyle and culture is tightly woven with nature and all of its generous gifts to mankind. From food preparation all the way to medicine, the country has made remarkable use of its natural resources to create a lifestyle unlike any other in the world. Sri Lankans are proud of their rich and colourful history. Ask any Sri Lankan and they will have many tales of brave patriots, powerful kings and mysterious deities who have watched over the land like a precious gem. The many heritage sites found in the Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya areas speak for the creativity and power of those who have lived thousands of years before us. The marvels that involve the rock fortress of Sigiriya, exquisite stone carvings and many, many other architectural wonders never fail to impress travellers who flock to the country.

Sri Lankan cuisine can be described as an infusion of fresh natural ingredients and spices that tingle your taste buds. With rice being the centre of the average meal, the accompanying curries are often made of fresh vegetables, seafood and crunchy additions that create a wholesome, balanced meal. Let's not forget about the massive collection of traditional sweets that are often made for the Sinhala and Hindu New Year as well as any special celebration.